Friday, 14 October 2011

Pom tiddly pom pom

One day, a couple of weeks ago I was collecting youngest daughter from school, and she pointed out a school friends rather fascinating scarf.  More of a novelty than a neck warmer, it appeared to be a load of pom poms, threaded on a string.  A quick google revealed it to be from Claires accessories.  If you were in Claires a few days later you might of seen me, gasping in shock....£12. Twelve English Pounds.  For a bit of i-cord and a few wooly pom poms.  (Accessorize/Monsoon have similar for £22)
Pah, says I.  I could make one of them for nothing.
And so I did.  

So simple to make.
Knit/crochet/use one of those dolls with pins in the head a length of i-cord.  I knitted mine using double pointed needles.  
Length is up to you.  Mine is approx waist length on my daughter.

Get yourself a pom-pom maker.  This isn't the one I used although it is very similar.  4 pieces which clip together.  Much easier than trying to thread the cord onto pom-poms, or cutting out circles of cardboard.

I added a few stitches through the cord to secure each pom-pom.

And now I'm going find some scissors and clip that rogue thread off the middle pom pom...

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