Thursday, 18 August 2011

Baby Blankets

Probably the best thing about having the baby was knowing that I had a good excuse to make blankets.  Blankets are a good project, in fact they are my favourite things to make,  but can take aaaages.  Baby blankets are much quicker so you get the smug feeling of a job well done sooner rather than later.
No sooner had the blue line appeared on the stick, and I was diving into my stash looking for suitable baby blanket yarn.  I had a few balls of this lovely soft greeny yellowy bluey variegated yarn.

And I also had this strange heavy cotton "stuff" that I bought a big bag of a few years ago.  It's lovely to work with though, so it was the perfect opportunity to start using it up.

Of course, I didn't know what type of baby it would be, so I tried to keep it gender neutral. 
8 weeks in, and they've been through the wash a few times and they seem to be standing up to life quite well.  And they look so much nicer than the shop bought "cellular blankets" that are normally seen gracing the prams of newborns.  (That lilac one could do with another wash though...)

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