Monday, 22 August 2011

Cases for kindles

I love gadgets.  Things with buttons that I can press and fiddle around with.  Time savers and time wasters.  Either or, I love them!
My best Christmas present last year was a kindle.  I like to read, and often take the kids to play centres, you know the type, indoor slides and ball pools.  Great opportunity for me to catch up with a book.  Trouble is, I've always got a nearly finished book, so do I just take the one book, or do I take another in case I finish the first one... I want to read this book, but it won't fit in my bag...etc.   And so the Kindle solves your problems.  Small, light and lovely!

Obviously new gadgets, need a cover or a case, and there's nothing so simple as a crocheted Kindle case.

Isn't it pretty?!  

Simply make a chain just long enough to go round your kindle, (I tend to make it a tight fit as the finished article usually has a bit of give) join your ends, then single crochet round and round and round until it's big enough.  Sew up your bottom, weave in your ends and you're finished!

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