Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Taking the Plunge.

I'm not the most sociable of people.  I like my own company, and to be honest I don't always share a lot of interests with people, especially those my own age. I find it hard to walk into a place where I don't know anyone.  I hover on the sidelines, then slink away un-noticed.  I've spent the last 9 weeks avoiding the Sure Start people who are desperate to get me to join in with their "Mums and Babies" groups, but apart from the "Baby" bit, I can't see myself having much in common with everyone else (I have met most of the mums with similarly aged babies already. I can tell we're not going to find much common ground).
There is, however one group I've been thinking of visiting.  The "Knit and Natter" held once a week at a local cafe.
So, I lured the 2 daughters along with the promise of a plate of chips, strapped baby in his pram and off we went.  As I said, I'm not really good at "this sort of thing", so I selected a nearby table and decided to just observe for the time being.
They looked a nice enough bunch.  All of the older, retired age group, and they were knitting and crocheting away over cups of coffee.
Not wishing to impose myself I decided to come back another day, maybe when the kids are back at school...but oh...what's that on the floor under the pram....
I picked up a stray crochet hook, grabbed the baby and tentatively announced "erm...excuse me...I think this belongs to one of you..."
A stray crochet hook, earlier today.

Both baby and baby blanket were seized by enthusiastic knitters, questions were asked, and compliments paid.  I ended up staying another half an hour while blanket and baby were passed round the group.

I am going back when the kids are back at school, but the hard bit has been done.  I've said hello.

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